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Mobility Assistance Program


Our Goals

The Ledge Amphitheater believes that concerts should be accessible to everyone! In order to make this idea attainable The Ledge Amphitheater offers the Mobility Assistance Program during show days. The Mobility Assistance Program is made up of the following:

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Golf Carts

ADA Parking is often limited and fills up quickly. Additionally, not everyone who needs mobility assistance has a placard. From a broken leg to general mobility issues, our golf carts are ready to assist from anywhere outside of the venue. On show days The Ledge Amphitheater has golf carts running from door open to fifteen minutes after the opening act. 

Our Golf Carts are used to get patrons from the parking lots to our gates, a journey that can be quite long and strenuous for those with limited mobility. Just text (320) 640 - 6707 your parking lot row and location and a golf cart will be there as soon as available to assist you!

Operation of Golf Carts are extremely limited at the end of the night for safety purposes. If you are looking to use a gold cart after the show please be aware they will not go into the parking lots until the traffic is controlled enough that the drivers deem it safe. This could be up to a fifteen minute wait after the show is done.

Wheelchair Assistance

Everyone's mobility needs are different! The Ledge Amphitheater has wheelchairs on site during show days to help accommodate anyone who needs a little more help when it comes to mobility. Our wheelchairs are donated, and do not have the capability to have the user move the chair on their own. 

We have wonderful volunteers from the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) that are eager to assist anyone who may need a wheelchair to get to their seat. Whether it be getting in or getting out, a wheelchair is always ready to help you to your seat.

For any additional questions when it comes to ADA or Mobility Assistance accommodations you can check out the ADA Accessibility Page or call (320) 640 - 6701 for more information.

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While ushering may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to mobility assistance, we believe it is an important part of accessibility. Knowing how to get to your seat, the bathroom, or the concession building in a venue you've never been in before is important! While there are many ways to get this information, being able to ask someone is often the easiest and most effective way.


Our ushers are all made up of volunteers from the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, lovely individuals who have chosen to donate their time making The Ledge more Accessible! 

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Our Volunteers

All volunteers for the Mobility Assistance Program are a part of Americorp's Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). Our volunteers are the heart of this program, and make what we do with mobility assistance at The Ledge possible! 

If you are interested in volunteering at The Ledge, contact the Program Coordinators at

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