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Wheelchair Accessible & Limited Mobility Seating
Accessible Seating Chart.jpg

Please note that our seating is portable and may vary from event to event. Please see the finalized seating chart on Ticketmaster for the event you are attending. Accessible seating will be designated on Ticketmaster's seating chart.


 Orange represents wheelchair accessible seating  


Teal represents limited mobility accessible seating

ADA Accessible seating must be selected at point of purchase. Ticketmaster is the only official ticketing site for Ledge Amphitheater shows. If you have already purchased tickets and now require accessible accommodations, please contact The Ledge Amphitheater Box Office at (320) 640 - 6701. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an accommodation without a ticket for those seats. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Please email us at or call our box office at 320-640-6707 a minimum of 14 days prior to the show.  We appreciate as much prior notice as possible for our interpreters to have ample prep time. We will help you purchase tickets with the best viewing areas of the interpreter.

If you experience any issues while at our venue, our best opportunity to assist you is while you are here; please locate a staff member in a red or blue uniform or send a text to (320) 640 - 6707 for assistance.

Mobility Assistance Program

If you are attending an event at The Ledge Amphitheater we offer our Mobility Assistance Program. 

Golf Carts - To enter the venue at the beginning of the show we offer golf cart assistance. To utilize the golf cart you can sit at a bench with a sign designating mobility assistance pick up. Additionally you may text (320) 640 - 6707 to request a golf cart to your location (for the safety of you and the golf cart driver we only recommend in cases of extreme need). Please state your row letter if you are in the general parking lot. Please state your general location if you are located in the ADA lot.


For passenger and driver safety, golf carts will be limited at end of show. If you need assistance to your location and you are located in the ADA parking lot, wheelchairs will be used for assistance to your parking space. If you are requesting a golf cart to your car in the general parking lot at the end of the show please expect to wait until most traffic has left. 

Wheelchairs - Wheelchairs will be available for use during events. Wheelchairs are not available to rent. Wheelchair assistants are available before, during, and after the show. Before the show, once you have been dropped off at the gate by the golf cart driver, you may request wheelchair assistance to bring you to your seat. Please see Golf Carts above to know how to request Golf Cart assistance. 

At the end of the show you may text or call (320) 640 - 6707 to notify the wheelchair assistant you are ready to be brought to your vehicle. Please remain in your seat and give seat, row, and section so the assistant can quickly locate you. Please allow up to fifteen minutes for the assistant to locate and help you if there are multiple requests put in. 

Greeters - Greeters will be available during events to assist in helping you locate your seat. Greeters are also available to help answer questions you have during the event. 

ADA Parking

Designated accessible parking during events is located in the Paved Parking Lot located before the General Parking Lot. A valid disability placard or license plate is required to park in an accessible parking space. The person with whom registration of the disability placard or license plate belongs to, must be in the vehicle and identification will be required. All parking is first come, first served, so guests are encouraged to arrive as early as possible to ensure availability.

Official show parking opens two hours before doors. If you park your vehicle prior to official show parking, you may be asked to relocate your vehicle, or your vehicle may be towed if parked improperly. Please respect the instructions of parking personnel. For more information on directions to the ADA/VIP parking lot please click here.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted in the amphitheater. Emotional support animals, comfort animals and therapy dogs are not service animals as defined by the 2010 ADA Guidelines. Each service animal must remain with its owner and be restrained. If a service animal interferes with other guests, corrective action may include re-arranging seating or removal of the service animal from the amphitheater.


The Ledge Amphitheater offers a variety of accessible restroom options throughout the venue. The following are locations in which ADA restrooms are located:

Main Men's Restrooms - 1 ADA stall and 2 ADA urinals

Main Women's Restroom - 2 ADA Stalls

One Family Restrooms located near the main restrooms

Two ADA accessible restrooms in the Falcon National Bank VIP Area

Portable Restrooms - 2 ADA Accessible Stalls

Contact Us

If you would like assistance during an event and are unable to notify an event staff member nearby, text us at (320) 640 - 6701. Our staff will respond immediately with appropriate information or dispatch assistance to your location.

Phone: (320) 640 - 6701


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