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Venue Policies
Bag Policy

At the Ledge Amphitheater, for the safety of you and all other guests, bag sizes are restricted. Drawstring bags or bags under 11" X 8.5" are allowed inside the venue. Any bag outside of these limitations is subject to be turned away, asked to be left inside a vehicle, or otherwise disposed of. Thank you for understanding.

Rain or Shine Policy

The Ledge Amphitheater has a rain-or-shine policy. Events will not be canceled due to rain or heat. In cases of extreme weather, The Ledge Amphitheater is in contact with the National Weather Service to ensure the safety of our patrons. Events are susceptible to being held until the weather passes or postponed by the call of the artist. 

Delays due to severe weather are posted on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.  Also, weather and other concert-related announcements are made on WJON AM 1240 and KNSI AM 1450 and FM 99.3.  

Special note: Ponchos, raincoats, and trash bags are allowed, however, umbrellas and tarps are prohibited inside the venue.

No Re-Entry

For the safety and convenience of you and all of the patrons at The Ledge, we do NOT allow Re-Entry. Denial for re-entry includes leaving to try to upgrade tickets, leaving to sell extra tickets, and leaving to let someone else in because you have their tickets. ​

Please remember to grab all items from your car.

Parking Policy

You can leave your car unoccupied in the parking lot until 12 PM the next day. If your vehicle is left longer, it may subjected to tagging and towing. Camping, including in your vehicle, is not allowed.

Children's Admission

​Most of our concerts and events will allow for children age 3 years old and under seated on an adult's lap to attend at no charge provided that the child in this age group is accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket. Everyone must have a ticket for standing-only shows. (Exception: Great Theatre performances:  For the best possible event experience, Great Theatre requests that each child attending has their own seat.)

Venue Information
Venue Map 
Falcon National VIP Area

​The Falcon National Bank VIP Area is on the left side of the venue next to the stage. In this area there is a private cash bar, private restrooms, and private stage side and quarry side lounge seating. There are a limited number of people who can purchase this upgrade to this area, and those would be the only people you would be sharing this space with. The landmark of this area is the Falcon National VIP tent which includes seating, fans, and mood lighting to make your concert a VIP experience!  

Mezzanine Box Seating

The Mezzanine Box Seating area is located above the normal seating on the venue map. A typical box seat includes four comfortable patio chairs and a table. There are two options for a box seat. The first option includes four low patio chairs with a low table. The  second option includes four high chairs with a high top table and umbrella. The Box Seating includes a VIP parking pass, a private cash bar for you and anyone else that has a box seat, and access to the Falcon National Bank VIP  area. Our Box Seating currently is available for purchase. Contact or (320) 640 - 6701 to purchase.

DISCLAIMER: The inclusions of the VIP parking pass, private cash bar, and access to the Falcon National Bank VIP Area do not apply to GREAT Theatre's production Jimmy Buffet's Escape to Margaritaville.

Designated Tobacco Smoking Area

The Ledge Amphitheater has a designated smoking area located to the right of our stage. This gravel area contains places to put out and discard cigarettes. This area only allows the smoking of tobacco products, all other products are prohibited.

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