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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I print my tickets at home for admission?

A: We do not recommend printing your tickets at home to be scanned for entry to an event. For security purposes, the barcode could result in being out of date and entry may not be permitted. The Ledge Amphitheater recommends saving your ticket to your Apple wallet, or downloading the Ticketmaster app, and having your tickets onscreen before going through security. For more information on how to save your ticket to your Apple wallet, click here. If you would like your ticket printed, you can visit the Box Office on Fridays between 10 AM - 2 PM and request your tickets be printed. Additionally, you may visit the Box Office the day of your event and request to have your tickets printed prior to admission.

Q: What if it rains or there is severe weather anticipated?

A: The Ledge Amphitheater has a rain-or-shine policy. Events will not be canceled due to rain or heat. In cases of extreme weather, The Ledge Amphitheater is in contact with the National Weather Service to ensure the safety of our patrons. Events are susceptible to being held until the weather passes or postponed by the call of the artist. Delays due to severe weather are posted on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.  Also, weather and other concert-related announcements are made on WJON AM 1240 and KNSI AM 1450 and FM 99.3. If you are instructed to leave the venue due to severe weather, in most cases, your vehicle is the safest option. Please keep your ticket with you to ensure re-entry.

Special note: Ponchos, raincoats, and trash bags are allowed, however, umbrellas and tarps are prohibited inside the venue.

Q: Is parking free? Where should I park?

A: The Ledge Amphitheater offers free parking for events. Parking is issued on a first come first serve basis. To ensure a good parking spot, we encourage guests to arrive early. Additionally, we strongly encourage ridesharing to limit delays due to traffic. Vehicles parked incorrectly or left overnight (not relocated prior to 12 PM the following day) may be ticketed or towed. Any vehicles left overnight must be unoccupied – no overnight camping in vehicles is allowed. For more information on parking, please check out our Parking & Directions page.

Q: What are the permitted/prohibited items?

A: The Ledge Amphitheater prohibits any items that disturb or endanger fellow patrons. For a full list of permitted and prohibited items please check out our Prohibited Items page. Purses above 8.5 inches by 11 inches (a standard sheet of paper) are prohibited from the venue. Upon entry at the gates, please have all bags open and prepared to be checked by security.

Q: What does accessibility look like at The Ledge?

A: The Ledge Amphitheater is a fully wheelchair-accessible venue. Additionally, we have seats reserved that are for wheelchair users or any ADA guests. These seats are limited and first come, first serve. For additional ADA information, please check out our ADA Accessibility page.

Q: What is the seating at The Ledge? Can I bring my own chair?

A: Seating is provided for all events unless otherwise listed on as "General Admission" or "Standing Room Only". Please review the details of your event to ensure you are attending a seated event if this is of significance. Bringing your own chair is prohibited due to seating being provided by the venue. Bringing your own seating is still prohibited for standing-only shows per artist request and patron safety. Airflex Chairs are provided in the main seating area. They have 18" seats and can hold up to 1,000 pounds. You can bring a cushion to add to your comfort (as long as it fits within the dimensions of the seat) and a blanket no bigger than a beach towel.

Q: Who needs a ticket?

A: ​Most of our concerts and events will allow for children age 3 years old and under seated on an adult's lap to attend at no charge provided that the child in this age group is accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket. Everyone must have a ticket for standing-only shows.


(Exception: Great Theatre performances:  For the best possible event experience, Great Theatre requests that each child attending has their own seat.)

Q: Is there re-entry to shows?

A: For the safety and convenience of you and all of the patrons at The Ledge, we do NOT allow Re-Entry. Denial for re-entry includes leaving to try to upgrade tickets, leaving to sell extra tickets, and leaving to let someone else in because you have their tickets. Please remember to grab all items from your car.

Q: Can I leave my car overnight?

A: You can leave your car unoccupied in the parking lot until 12 PM the next day. If your vehicle is left longer, it may subjected to tagging and towing. Camping, including in your vehicle, is not allowed.

Q: Is tailgating allowed?

A: Tailgating is not allowed in The Ledge Amphitheater parking lots for the safety and convenience of our patrons. If caught tailgating, the patron may be asked to remove themself from the parking area and is subject to being denied entry to the event.

Q: Where can I receive First Aid?

A: In a situation in which first aid is needed, you may reach out to event staff or visit our police building. In an emergency situation, please locate the nearest event staff and ask for assistance, or call/text this number (320) 640 - 6707.

Q: Where is Lost & Found?

A: Lost and Found is located at The Ledge Amphitheater Box Office. During shows or events, please go to the east concessions area and approach the window. If no one is available, please call or text (320) 640 - 6707. If you are looking to retrieve an item after the event is finished, please call the number listed above. 

Q: Where are restrooms located?

A: Within the venue, we have restrooms located in the east and west concessions areas. Permanent restrooms, including family restrooms, are located on the east side of the venue. Portable restrooms are located on the west side of the venue by the food trucks. Private restrooms for VIP guests are located in the Falcon National Bank VIP Area by the stage. 

Q: Where can I nurse?

A: The Ledge Amphitheater has nursing locations within our family and private VIP restrooms. 

Q: What food/vending options are available at The Ledge?

A: Food trucks will be located in the west concessions area stage left or house right of the venue. The Food trucks attending may differ from event to event, so there are no guaranteed foods available for each event.  Typical food served is BBQ, hamburgers, and pizza. If you have a dietary restriction, we recommend you eat before an event as the options are unpredictable and may not meet your accommodation. No food is allowed to be brought into the venue.

Q: Where do I pick up my WILL CALL tickets?

A: You may pick up your WILL CALL tickets at The Ledge Amphitheater Box Office three hours before the show starts. Please note that only the person whom the ticket's name is under may pick up the ticket. Bring a valid form of photo I.D. to collect your ticket from WILL CALL. 

Q: Do I need to bring cash?

A: We recommend bringing some cash to events to purchase food and beverages. A majority of vendors do accept card payments, but some may not. An ATM is located by the east concessions building and may be used to withdraw cash if needed.  ATM fees may apply.

Q: What does the seating map look like?

A: Below is a picture of the seating of the venue. For price variations or concert specific differences in seating please look at the show on Ticketmaster.

The Ledge Box Seating Chart with Box Seating Sign.jpg

Q: What does the VIP Club Pass include?

A: The VIP Club Pass includes access to our Falcon National Bank VIP area. This area is on the left side of the venue next to the stage (it is the right side if referencing above picture). In this area there is a private card-only bar, private restrooms, and private stage side and quarry side lounge seating. There are a limited number of people who can purchase this upgrade and those would be the only people you would be sharing this space with. There is also the large tent with fans in this location which is ideal for warm Summer days in which shade would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, this does not include access to our raised box seating up top, or a VIP parking pass.

Q: What is the upper seating with the umbrellas and how do I purchase it?

A: That upper area is actually our VIP Box Seating. A typical box seat includes four comfortable patio chairs and a table. The Box Seating includes a VIP parking pass, and a private card-only bar for you and anyone else that has a box seat. 

To purchase a Box Seat you would have to purchase all four chairs within that section. Box Seating is available for waitlist. To be added to the waitlist to secure a Box Seat please email your inquiry to

Q: How can I stay up-to-date on event announcements?

A: Concert announcements are typically released one at a time anytime between December and July. To be the first to know when an artist is playing at The Ledge, please sign up for our newsletter here.

Q: Where can I purchase tickets?

A: Tickets can be purchased at our Box Office on Fridays between 10 AM - 2 PM on the week of a concert announcement or starting in March through September. During our Summer season, our Box Office is located at The Ledge Amphitheater 1700 Parkway Drive, Waite Park, MN 56387. During the Winter season, our Box Office is located at Waite Park Public Works 670 17th Avenue South, Waite Park, MN 56387.

Tickets are also available for purchase on at any time.  

Q: I'm having problems with my tickets.

A: For issues involving your tickets, please reach out to the provider you purchased your tickets from first. The Ledge Amphitheater cannot resolve any ticketing issues involving third-party ticketing sites. For issues involving Ticketmaster tickets, you can call The Ledge Box Office at

(320) 640 - 6701. Additionally, you may resolve issues by following this link.

Q: Can I purchase a Ledge Amphitheater gift card?

A: The Ledge Amphitheater currently does not offer gift cards. All official ticketing to The Ledge Amphitheater events is done through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster gift cards may be purchased and used to purchase Ledge Amphitheater tickets through only.


Gift certificates are NOT accepted at the box office.  Click here to purchase a Ticketmaster gift card.

Q: What are your COVID-19 policies?

A: The Ledge Amphitheater currently has no COVID-19 policies. Guests are strongly advised to stay home if they are not feeling well. These guidelines are subject to change based on artist request. For more information, please check out our COVID-19 page here.

Still Have a Question?

Reach out to us via our email or call us at (320) 640 - 6701.

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